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About Us

Sealtek Pty Ltd is based in Australia.  We are road contractors.

Specific service provision:

Road Construction

Bitumen Sealing



From design to construction, surfacing, maintenance and operation.

We work with customers under a wide variety of contracting arrangements, whether construct-only, or re-construct and repair.

We are happy to work with alliances and joint ventures.

We have worked closely with local authorities.

We help build urban and rural streets, roads and long driveways.

We provide a complete range of car park construction, drainage, kerb and channelling with smooth surfacing and road marking.


  Road Construction   Bitumen Sealing   Asphalt

Our Services

We provide a comprehensive range of road surfacing solutions to industrial, commercial and residential customers.

Our constant determination for quality.

 Flexible operational practices.

 Road surfacing contractor. 


  Road Construction

Bitumen spray seal is the cost-effective and swift way to surface a road, car park or hardstand area when compared to asphalt, concrete.

A sprayed seal is a thin layer of bituminous binder sprayed onto a road surface and then covered with a layer of aggregate.

The aggregate is then embedded into the bitumen by rolling with a multi wheeled roller to form a durable waterproof, dust free and skid resistant surface.


  Bitumen Sealing

Hot mix forms a smooth surface that can be used for car parks, driveways and storage areas.

The depth of the hot mix is determined by the load it has to bear, and volume of traffic carried.



We offer the services of  provide upgrades to areas of Hard Standing, Driveways or Farm Tracks.

We have an established reputation.

We provide excellent workmanship.

High quality finishing.

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